High Blood Pressure Headache

Blood Pressure

High Blood Pressure Headache

high blood pressure headacheHigh Blood Pressure is also called as Hypertension. According to the trusted source, one out of three adults in the US is suffering from hypertension. Many people will have little to no symptoms of blood pressure, which means most people don’t even know that they have high blood pressure.

High blood pressure also increases the high risk of health conditions like stroke, heart attacks, etc. That is why it is very important to check blood pressure every year from medical professionals.

Why High Blood Pressure Causes Headaches?

Having high blood pressure constantly can also cause a large range of symptoms that includes headaches and vision problems. However, the actual cause of high blood pressure is mostly unknown; physicians believe that this health condition is connected to family history, salt intake, alcohol, and age.

According to the AHA (American Heart Association) when blood pressure level in your body increases very high, particularly when systolic is at 180 and the diastolic is at 110 or higher a high blood pressure crisis occurs.  Due to these kinds of extreme blood level conditions, some people may have a headache and some individuals feel anxiety, nosebleed, and shortness of breath.  Fluctuated high blood levels can cause headaches. To get relief from pain and get other health benefits you should know how to lower your blood pressure immediately.

How to Prevent Blood Pressure from increasing:

When your body feels the hypertensive crisis, the blood pressure increases to high levels and when it is high level, the pressure amplifies in the cranium. This further causes painful headaches that can perhaps more painful than the other types of headaches.  When you have a severe headache it is advisable to consult a doctor immediately especially if you have headaches associated with the blood pressure and other symptoms like chest pain, nausea, or blurred vision.

To prevent high blood pressure, it is very important to maintain good health and eating habits. You should maintain a good weight and if you are overweight try to lose weight to keep your blood pressure level in normal. Doctors also suggest individuals who are at risk of high blood pressure to cut down salt intake, exercise regularly, limit alcohol intake, and eat a balanced diet with vegetables and fruits. Also, one should learn to manage their stress levels to maintain good health and it is the major factor to prevent spikes in blood pressure levels. Also, it is advisable to monitor blood pressure frequently and notice the changes in the blood pressure levels.

Lowering Blood Pressure When You Have a Headache:

Many people get headaches when their blood pressure level increase suddenly and the spike can make them feel uneasy.  It is also crucial to talk to your doctor about the pain relief medication to make sure that they do not interrelate with hypertension medication.

To reduce your blood pressure levels when you have a headache, go for a walk and try to take deep breaths and remove yourself from stressful conditions.  If you know that stress activates your high blood pressure levels, then it is advisable to avoid such situations that can help you lower your blood pressure instantly.  Avoid drinking alcohol and caffeine; it can help you reduce blood pressure especially when you have a headache.